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Partnering with Carter

I want you to live an optimal life that is unique to you, and I believe that you have it in you to live that authentic life of your dreams. As your Mental Performance Specialist, we will find your purpose, unique greatness, and much more.

 Together, we can have astounding results.


Optimal Life

I look at you and see amazing potential. You were meant to live your best life, and we will get you that. Invest in yourself now, and the return on investment will be far greater.

Businessmen, athletes, and more.



The difference between influence and inspire is the action behind it. I will not only light up the room and motivate the audience, but have tools and techniques to create positive changes in their lives for the long run. Nobody in the room will leave as the same person before they sat down.

Any group, any size


New heights, new levels

In order for a group to excel at any given objective, you need to have solid relationships and be a cohesive unit. Once everyone is on the same page as to why they are a part of this group and the value they bring, only then can greatness be achieved.

Companies, non-profit, organizations, sports and more

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